We strive to be the Portland Metro Area's best full-service Pro Shop. We offer everything you would expect from a premier shop. We service just about every bow on the planet. 

If it can be repaired and there is a part for it, we can probably fix it. We make custom arrows and do custom bow tunes that put the odds in your favor. 

Whether you are on the hunt of a lifetime, shoot competitions, or just a weekend warrior, don't let your equipment or the way it is set up get in the way. Come in and see us.

If you have any question concerning the services we provide or a product that you own, we would be more than happy to help you out. 

Feel free to bring in your equipment  or just call one of our two locations and a trained bow technician will assist you with professional guidance on the issue you experiencing. 

In some cases, the best thing to do is bring in the bow so it can be looked over and corrected where necessary.

Bow Tune Ups

Ensure draw length and draw stop are set properly for the customer if it is required
Ensure bow is statically timed
Ensure rest is secure and set for centershot and elevation
Put on a new string loop and nockset (if needed)
Adjust poundage and draw length

Adjust cams for cam lean
Adjust cams for timing
Re-level rest if needed
Ensure sight is in correct position and tightened
Ensure stabilizer is tightened
Ensure quiver is tightened
Lube bolts/screws/etc.
Wax String


Inspect the following
General condition of the riser/limbs/cams/strings and cables/washers/spacers/nuts and bolts.
All tie in components; (rest/peep/kisser/string loop/nockset/silencers)




All Services

Call for Pricing

Adjustments & repairs
Arrow fletching
Arrow cutting
Red dot scope setup
Basic Bow Set Up
Installation of sights, rest, peep, and kisser
Crossbow Mount & Sight In
Paper Tune
Tech assistance included
Peep Sight Install
Sight Install
Capture Rest Install
Drop Away Rest Install
Quiver Install
D-Loop Install
Kisser Install
Silencer Install
Cable Guard Install
Bow Re-String
Replace Cables
Reserve Center Serving
Reserve String (Loop End)
Draw Length Adjustment
Draw Weight Adjustment
Wax String