Archery World offers a variety of lessons ranging from introductory to advanced levels in single or group settings. Our experienced bow technicians can teach you the basics or help you hone your skills and perfect your shot. 

If you don't have your own archery equipment, no worries. We offer bow and arrow rentals at both of our locations in youth, compound, and traditional options. Our rentals are available without a lesson at an hourly rate so you can come down and shoot as much as you'd like. 

We do not have online registration at this time, but it is on its way! So if you're ready to step into the exciting world of archery or just up your game a little bit, contact one of our two locations and speak with our staff about scheduling a lesson for you or your family members.




Private Lessons

Archery World's professional Archery Instructors offer private lessons for individuals that are seeking to improve their shooting experience. From the beginner to the advanced archer, we can help you set goals and achieve them through one-hour lessons. 

There are opportunities to share this lesson with other individuals and the cost remains the same. If you do not have equipment we will provide it at no extra charge. (traditional or NASP training bow).



Group Lessons

Archery World has several options for group lessons. Our most popular is call "A Nock Above" and we host several of the level 1 classes during the year. 

This class teaches the basic fundamentals of archery. Stance, Grip, Anchor point, Aiming, Follow-through, and mental aspects. 

There are up to 14 students in the class with 1 instructors. This is a 5-week class and lasts 1 hour per lesson. (see below dates)



Home School League

Archery World provides Leagues for home schooler's as well. The league lasts 5 weeks and is a great way for students to earn credit, socialize, and learn a new skill. 

We provide an instructor to run the league and teach fundamentals as they go. The classes each last 45 minutes to 1 hour.


Vancouver (360) 693-7510

 Joe or Henry

Troutdale  (503) 489-5596

Nick and Joe

Upcoming Classes and Leagues



A  Nock Above League Starts Monday January 15th or Wednesday January 17th (Vancouver) (Troutdale TBD)