Berry Golden Dome Large Bull
Glen Berry designed the unique X-Series mouth reeds with great success.  He used this proven X-design and evolved this concept into the new Golden Dome with a contoured elevated design to help produce the realistic elk sounds of bugles, grunts and cow and calf mews!  Easy to use and effective. Sound like...
Duel Game Calls Pro Series 21" Standard Bugle
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Chambers are different diameters to better emulate an elk's anatomy Adjustable single reed produces full range of calls from long range bugles to close-in grunts Includes camo cover, two replacement reeds, two O-rings and instructions Offers bigger sound Heavy latex reed
Archery Tag
NEW!!! *** Please call for available times! New for 2018 the Troutdale location is bringing in Archery Tag. This is a fun and safe way to play tag with bows. The bows used are low poundage recurves and the arrows are tipped with safety foam. We will have a couple...
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Easton crossbow bolts offer the accuracy and knockdown power necessary to maximize your success every time you pull the trigger. • High-strength carbon composite construction• Inserts & nocks included   Length (Inches) Shaft Weight (GPI) 20 10.5 22 10.5
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Why shoot an ordinary carbon arrow? Add the penetration power of a 6mm Full Metal Jacket. SPECIFICATIONS • Pre-installed H nocks• ST RPS 8-32 inserts• Reduced-diameter 6MM carbon core with 7075 alloy metal jacket• Easy target pull• Straightness: ±.003″   Size Shaft Weight Spine @ 28" Span Stock Length Broadhead...
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